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Packaging and Gift Wrapping

Most of our ukiyo-e prints includes leaflets of the explanation of the print and the production process of ukiyo-e prints in Adachi studio.

Gift Wrapped (Some exclusion may be applied.)

A unframed print is set in the Adachi original ukiyo-e envelop and a framed print is set in the box and wrapped with Adachi Original wrapping paper.

Package Sample of Unframed Print

1. Print set in the paper mount with a cover (Paper mount's external size for Oban format: 33.0 cm x 48.5 cm)
2. Adachi original large envelop for ukiyo-e print

Package Sample of Framed Print

1. Print set in Adachi original frame(Adachi original frame for Oban format: 40.0 cm x 55.5 cm)
2. A box for a framed print wrapped with Adachi original wrapping paper

You could request a message card to attach on the back of the frame or include in a package.