Utagawa Toyokuni

The Actor Sawamura Sojuro III as Oboshi Yuranosuke

The Ukiyo-e is printed on Echizen kizuki hosho washi (a unique kind of Japanese paper) handmade by Ichibei Iwano, a living national treasure. This makes the vivid colors and the soft, warm textures of woodcut prints come to life.

This print of the actor Oboshi Yuranosuke belongs to a period when depictions of "large heads" (close-ups) were in vogue. Precise and detailed carving as well as an ingenious printing technique make this an outstanding piece. Note the chastened and charming countenance of the actor and the beauty of tension reproduced here.

Price 13,000yen(Excluding Tax)

Print Size (cm)37.2 × 25.5 cm
PaperEchizen Kizuki Hosho Washimade by Living National Treasure, Ichibei Iwano
ExplanationJapanese and English
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