The order for domestic destination(inside of Japan) is sent by Yu-Pack (Parcel) and international destination (outside of Japan) is sent by EMS (Express Mail Service). Both delivery services are provided by Japan Post.
Please contact us if you would like to use other delivery option.

Domestic Shipping (Inside of Japan)
Yu-Pack (Parcel)

You can direct the delivery date and time window.
Shipping fee is 700 yen for any destination inside of Japan.

<Free Shipping Service>
Free Shipping is available when total of purchase is over 30,000 yen (for one destination) .

If you would like to direct the delivery date and time window, please fill the Colum of "Request of Delivery Date". Please note that only the date two business day after your order can be directed and also this is not 100 % guaranteed service in some circumstances.
Please pick the time window which you wish.
9:00-12:00 / 12:00-14:00 / 14:00-16:00 / 16:00-18:00 / 18:00-20:00 / 20:00-21:00

International Shipping (outside of Japan)
EMS (Express Mail Service)

Delivery dates are varied depending on the destination country and area.
We charge the actual shipping fee for the international delivery. No free shipping over 30,000 yen purchase is applied for the international shipping.

Area 1-3 Unframed Prints One Framed Print Estimating Delivery Dates
North & Central America
The Near and Middle East
¥3,700 ¥5,9003-4 Days
Europe¥4,100¥6,6002-5 Days
Asia¥2,700¥4,3002-4 Days
South America
¥5,700¥10,3003-5 Days